The Company, following its long and successful presence in trading quality mattresses and sleeping systems in the area of Voula, Vouliagmenis Ave.70, decided to pass into the production of higher quality mattresses.

It started by a group of young people eager to work, with patience for the best results and mood for innovation. Doing things differently, it managed to redefine from scratch the balance between quality and price.

It addresses both to the retail and to the professional market. For the professionals specifically, it aims primarily to those from the area of hotels and cruises, and gives them a working tool that would help them to upgrade their businesses, by offering a delightful sleep.

We are pleased when after comparing sleeping systems, TAILORBED is chosen as the ideal choice, but we are even more pleased when we inform people about the “orthoskeletik” sleep and the materials that are used in order to reach it.

Our goal is to create the most durable mattress with the highest quality in the world. In order to achieve this, raw materials are collected from many countries around the world, thus creating the best results for a delightful sleep.