TAILOBED’s mattresses are handmade and composed by materials that are placed in layers, each one with its own advantages. One contributes to strength and good support, another to the sensation of relaxation and orthoskeletic body care, and another to the ideal ventilation, temperature and humidity, all contributing to the user’s hygiene and the longevity of the product. Of course, as they are made with full ecological consciousness, they are free of allergens and free from toxic.
The main criterion for the composition of our mattresses is the orthoskeletic body care.
Our mattresses can be manufactured according to any desired dimension and shape. The double mattresses are made in two independent parts, joined with a seam in the center of the inner cover, so they offer a uniform sense. This way, the transmission of the movement is avoided from one user to another and the rotation/reversal of the mattress is facilitated even by one person.

In all our mattresses, the cover is 100% double knitted cotton with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification, category “I”.

Note: In the reported heights of the mattresses, the tolerance is +-1cm.