The pillow is the guardian of undisturbed sleep and the corollary to support the neck. The role played by the pillow in the regulation of sleep quality, has been underestimated. Usually, we realize its value when the cervical problems start. TAILORBED highlights the pillow and gives it the prominent role it deserves.
Each one has a need for his own pillow. The concept of Tailored (or Tailor-made), ie tailored especially for you, applies to the mattresses as well as to the pillows.
Our pillows are made from 100% natural and completely hypoallergenic materials such as feathers of ducks and geese, natural rubber flakes and cotton.
Their coating from 100% cotton fabric, impermeable and certified by OEKO-TEX, allows the unrestricted breathing of the materials, with the result of an anti-mite growth environment.
While talking to a sleeping consultant of TAILORBED, you will realize the importance of the right proportion to the sensitive system "BODY - MATTRESS – TOP-MATTRESS - PILLOW»!
Especially for those who suffer from cervical syndrome, the pillow plays a decisive role in the quality of their sleep.