The bed-mattress is the basis upon which the integrated sleep proposal proposed by TAILORBED is built.
Our bed-mattresses are characterized for their stability, their durability and their very long lasting life. They are designed for all body types and offer much greater elasticity than traditional beds.
They have greater height than common beds and facilitate the use, so back strain and stress on knees may be avoided. Their characteristic is that they highlight the person in the space, thus pushing him up psychologically.
The choice of the wooden legs’ height can be made to suit your needs. The single and the semi-double bed-mattresses up to 120 cm width are made uniquely, while the double bed-mattresses, from over 130 cm width are made in two pieces for greater stability. Any specific dimension can be implemented on demand.
The set is completed perfectly by the 100% double knitted cotton TAILORBED textile which is durable and has the advantage to be removed and washed.