1. Flip and rotate

Invert and rotate your mattress at least twice a year. An easy and practical way to always remember the process of rotating is to be performed each time you change the time on your clocks. Each fall and each spring.

2. Keep your mattress dry.

Moisture is the enemy of all mattresses. Minor accidents such as spilling of water or other liquids on the mattress are impossible to be avoided. Therefore, we recommend the use of a waterproof and washable cover. The cover you choose must also breathe. Ideally, we recommend our waterproof cotton sheet, which allows air to pass.

3. Your mattress is not the appropriate place for ironing.

Apart from the great heat the iron transfers to the materials of your mattress and it can cause burning or several permanent damages, it transports moisture as well. The steam-irons produce large amounts of steam that are converted into moisture in the interior layers of the mattress.

5. Ventilate regularly the spaces you sleep.

Part of the moisture remaining in the bedrooms will be absorbed by your mattress. This will encourage the creation of micro outbreaks. For the same reason, avoid placing clothes horses in sleeping quarters. At the same time, save yourself from waking with a heavy head caused by sleeping in a high humidity environment.

6. Your mattress is not a trampoline.

Many of us have this pleasant childhood memory. But we must not forget that apart from the risks of injury to the child, we are effectively destroying our investment.

7. Do not place the mattress on arched boards.

The arched boards will cause distortions to your mattress. Their use is recommended only in low quality spring mattresses to enhance their performance.

8. Ventilate and wash the covers of your mattress.

You, who are holders of a mattress TAILORBED, can simply remove the covers of your mattress to ventilate and wash them in order to always keep a healthy sleeping environment for you and your children.

You can do the same if you own a bed-mattress TAILORBED. The use of scratch makes it very easy to maintain. Once a year, remove the cotton cover. Turn and rotate the material.