I have problems with my back / my waist. Which mattress is appropriate for me?

TAILORBED mattresses are designed for an “orthoskeletic” care of your body. However, it is not possible every mattress to be suitable for every body composition, because each one of us is unique.
The ideal mattress for your case is the mattress that fits exclusively on your own body and is made to your own measures (tailor-made), always in line with your favorite sleeping position.
The curves of your body should be fully covered. Our entire philosophy for sleep is included in “orthoskeletikos” sleep.

I have cervical problems, which pillow do you recommend?

The pillow is another product that must have the concept of tailor-made selection.
Our head resting on the pillow for many hours every day and must be adapted perfectly to our neck. It is not possible a pillow that is suitable for one man, to be exactly suitable for another. The variables are too many and the combinations dozens. Factors such as the distance from the neck to the shoulders, the dimension of the back and the weight varies from person to person.
Equally important is the role and the layer on which we place the pillow. A certain person will feel different when his pillow is used on a soft mattress and different on a harder or on a moderate elasticity.
To meet all these combinations, we have designed our pillows so that they can be adjusted based on the needs of each user. We achieve this adjustment using zippers and the possibility to set by yourself easily the height of the pillow in order for your neck to fit perfectly and to keep it in such a position that forms a straight line with the spine when lying.

I am sensitive to allergies. Can I use your sleeping products?

We use materials that are hypoallergenic. Natural rubber, coconut, horsehair, wool and “nimatostrosi” TAILORBED are certified by internationally recognized independent laboratories for their top quality.

Also, materials such as cotton and linen, you will find in our textiles stand out for their hypoallergenic properties. Additionally, the feathers used are of top quality. They are certified by the largest feather control laboratory and wing in the world, the IDFL. Specifically, our feathers are washed, then disinfected, washed again for a second time and finally baked in order to get rid of dust and mites.

All our materials are free from toxic and hazardous contaminants. We choose our materials under very strict criteria in order to ensure a very healthy sleep for you and your children.