epilogh strwmatosNo matter how many technological means have been found so far and how many will be found in the future, they will not be able to determine the appropriate type of mattress for you, as your own body does.

When lying, you should feel the support that makes you feel better. This is very critical for the quality of sleep. The feeling of comfort makes you reduce the "turns" during your sleep and increases the time of deep and quiet sleep.
If while lying down, you feel like sinking, the mattress is soft for you. If, however, you feel like the mattress keeps the body to the surface, leaving exposed the curves of your spine, this mattress is hard for you. Incorrect positioning of the body on the mattress for many hours causes pain and stiffness in waking.
The mattress should fill the gaps of the body curves. In any case though, the mattress should be adjusted to you, and not your body to the mattress!
We propose six rules for choosing the appropriate mattress:


  • Talk to a sleep consultant of TAILORBED. His expertise will help you choose the mattress that suits your body type.
  • Get detailed information about the quality of construction materials.
  • Choosing a sleeping system takes time. Give at least 20-30 minutes for each test. Turn on the sleeping position you prefer and relax, free from your heavy clothing.
  • Try at least three different elasticities, before taking your final decision.
  • If you still have any doubt and dilemma, select the tougher version.
  • It is advisable to visit more than one mattress companies.

At the same time, take seriously into account, that the appropriate pillow completes the correct mattress. The elasticity, the content and the thickness of the pillow, can enhance the beneficial effects of the correct mattress or, to cancel them, respectively.
This appears strongly in cases when users suffer from cervical syndrome. Therefore, take extra time to discuss with our consultant this matter. His knowledge will help you choose the right pillow for you.