The “Taxidi”, of 19cm thickness, is the proposal of TAILORBED for those seeking environmentally and human friendly materials as well as covering the fundamental human need for healthy sleep.
The rubberized coir of 6cm thickness is the base support.
The two layers of “nimatostrosi” TAILOBED of approximately 11cm thickness offer the mattress incomparable flexibility, which simulates a feeling similar to the springs, while providing simultaneously extremely longer lifespan than the spring mattresses.
One of its advantages is that the mattress does not need turning round, because it is designed to be used only from one side. Due to the innovative “nimatostrosi” TAILOBED, the precipitation is practically at insignificant levels and the ventilation is amazing. It is the most durable choice for the professionals, ideal for hotels and health centers.
The layer of 100% wool uniformly distributes the air into the mattress, providing great insulation and correct adjustment of the moisture, in order to have a cool sleep in the summer and warm in the winter. At the same time, due to its particular touch, it adds a distinctive touch of luxury.
The 100% double knitted cotton cover, with the practical zipper, complements the ideal set.


Indicative Dimensions Prices
 200x90   450 €
 200x160    799 € 
 200x180   925 €