The mattress “Piyma”, with 25cm. thickness is the flagship of TAILORBED. While lying, you will feel like you are on a “bottomless” mattress. This sensation is provided by seven layers of natural materials.
It has exceptional support, due to the 2 layers of rubberized coir with 6cm thickness. What prevails though, are the 4 layers of natural rubber of approximately 17cm thickness, that make the mattress snuggle the body and follow all its curves.
There is a rubberized horsehair layer in between, that functions as a buffer on the humidity and completes the impressive set. The 100% double knitted cotton cover, with the practical zipper, complements the ideal set.


Indicative Dimensions Prices
 200x90   945 €
 200x160 1.802 € 
 200x180 2.105 €