The mattress “Exohi” shows all the excellent features of “nimatostrosi” TAILOBED.
It provides unique support and it is TAILORBED’s advantageous proposal for the professional with its easy thickness of 14cm.
It is also suitable for the individual who wishes to place it in the country house. The rubberized coir of 6cm thickness ensures the ideal support. The “nimatostrosi” of approximately 6cm thickness, gives the oscillation of mattress springs without the drawbacks of springs and at the same time an impressive elasticity and comfortableness. These qualifications are supplemented by the 100% woolen layer, which distributes the air, provides insulation and moisture regulation and offers a unique touch of luxuriousness.
The 100% double knitted cotton cover, with the practical zipper, complements the ideal set.


Indicative Dimensions Prices
 200x90 360 €
 200x160 635 € 
 200x180 747 €