It is commonplace to say that, in our life, our child comes before us.
All of TAILORBED’s mattresses advantages mentioned previously are even more crucial to a frame which is under development and a creature that is so sensitive and so important to us!
TAILORBED gives major importance to the child and proposes solutions that feel like it has a mattress “like daddy’s and mommy’s”.
The use of exclusively natural and friendly to the environment materials in TAILORBED mattresses contributes to the avoidance of allergies’ development.
Our 100% cotton fabric is certified in the category of fabrics that are suitable for babies and is allowed to come into direct contact with their sensitive skin (OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 category “I”. The particularly soft and pleasant texture it has, apart from the fact that it pleasantly surprises, it helps the baby relax and cuddle.
If we consider that we spend 1/3 of our lives on the mattress, our baby passes 2/3 of his life on it. So, it has greater need of a properly selected mattress.
But as a child, from its 3rd year and until its adulthood, its body grows up rapidly and, therefore, its body has increased demands. Moreover, it has its own opinion and wants the best. That is, what TAILORBED is able to offer.


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