anessi II

The “Anessi ΙΙ” is combining the wisdom of nature and the human technological progress within the thickness of 25cm.
It consists of two rubberized coco fiber sheets of 6cm thickness that offer the proper support. The ideal flexibility is secured with 2 layers of Viscoelastic foam of approximately 11cm thickness.
The “nimatostrosi” by TAILORBED of 5cm thickness is placed in the heart of the mattress, which along with the previous two materials and the twin wool layer of 2 cm, provide an unmatched composition of flexibility, distribution of pressure and ventilation.
The innovative material “nimatostrosi” comes to replace the springs, giving the same feeling to those who prefer them, without the disadvantages of the springs. The 100% double knitted cotton cover, with the practical zipper, complements the ideal set.


Indicative Dimensions Prices
 200x90   765 €
 200x160 1.459 € 
 200x180 1.703 €