The use of natural and friendly to the environment materials is not fashion.
It is a choice of life and civilization.
It is a choice of life, because it is realized that the excessive use of harmful materials in manufacturing that have to do with the human and come into contact with his body, have a negative influence in his health and shorten his life.
It is a choice of civilization because the natural materials do not pollute the environment when they return to it and are not polluting while they are used.  Imbued with deep ecological consciousness and "green" experiential principles, we choose with ecological criteria the materials we use for all our products.



The natural rubber is purely a product of nature. It is a milky substance that is collected from rubber trees (Havea brasiliensis) which grow in tropical climate.
The rubber sheet we use is produced by the Dunlop process, which gives it excellent strength and long life. The energy consumed during the production process, is very small compared to other methods.
The use of natural rubber offers many advantages in the sleeping products.  The flexibility, the hygiene and the unsurpassed ability to adapt perfectly to the body, by reducing pressure on the muscles and blood circulation are unsurpassed. The benefits resulting for the human body and the luxurious comfort that offers cannot be compared with any other material.

The rubber sheets of TAILORBED mattresses are multi-zone in order to provide different elasticity to each region of the human body.

Their content in natural rubber is 96% and the remaining 4% is pectic substances, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and anti-allergenic, identical with those used in the food industry.




The rubberized coir sheets are made exclusively from natural coconut fibers, sprayed with liquid rubber and form the basis of support of TAILORBED’s sleeping systems.
The fiber of coconut is very durable and has long life. The spraying with liquid rubber gives the sheet the desired elasticity and simultaneously ensures the optimum ventilation.
The structure of rubberized coir creates a microclimate which is necessary to maintain the correct temperature and humidity during sleep.
The use of natural fibers for the manufacturing of sheets requires 125 times less power compared to the energy expended for the manufacturing of synthetic fibers.









TAILORBED has the exclusivity for the Greek market a new, revolutionary, innovative and unique material of European origin, which is rated by many distinctions. It is a proven environmentally friendly material, 100% recyclable and completely hypoallergenic, non-toxic and without contaminants, which is so pure that it is widely used in the packaging of perishable foods.
Its open structure, like “kantaifi” sheet, gives an unrivaled combination of flexibility and proper distribution of pressure and creates a comfortable ventilation maze. The special design of the sheet along with the natural motion of the body during sleep cause horizontal and vertical movement of the air. Thus ideal conditions for ventilation and removal of moisture are created, resulting in a comfortable and healthy sleep, which contributes to optimum levels of rest and relaxation.
The infinitesimal subsidence that presents and its excellent durability in time make the mattress particularly advantageous for hotels and for any heavy use!
Its ability to maintain very hygienic conditions in the mattress make it ideal for use in the health sector, particularly in institutions with vulnerable and elderly people.
The material is completely waterproof and that makes it ideal for outdoor use (as loungers in terraces, beaches, pools etc.). It can be washed with water in order to be kept clean and dries directly.
It is an excellent solution for boats and auto-trailers where the mattress is not placed on a bed but on a bench or on compact surfaces that are not ventilated adequately.  Even in these cases, the ability of a free breathing mattress of “nimatostrosi” TAILORBED is decisively superior to any other option.
Generally, it is a material that replaces the springs without the drawbacks that those present (uneven bumps, fractures, injuries, poor durability etc.).

Precipitation measurements:  There have been multiple international measurements made by German TÜV LGA and other credible organizations, and from us as well, with impressive results.  Our results, showed that, in weight cylinder passage of 140 kg over plate material of 6cm thickness, for 60,000 times, the maximum loss presented the tested sheet material was about 5% in total thickness, while spring mattresses lose on average 15% of their thickness during their first year of use.  This is what enables us to provide such long-term guarantee and makes our mattresses unbeatable, especially in the professional sector (due to the combination of advantageous price and long resistance to heavy use).


alogotrixaRubberized horsehair sheets of TAILORBED are made exclusively from natural horse hair sprayed with liquid rubber.
The use of this sheet gives excellent flexibility and generates an ideal microclimate in the mattress. The horsehair we use is of the highest quality and has been certified to be free from allergens

by independent European institutions. As measured in scientific researches, the hair of the horse has the ability to immediately expel moisture generated by the sweat produced during sleep. It has been estimated that, on average, the human body loses about 1/2 liter of water per day.











The man from the first moment realized the value of the wool. He mainly used it to heat up. Then, he discovered that wool has the amazing capability to regulate humidity. Moreover, it is a material that can keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
The wool used in our mattresses is of unparalleled quality. The most important issue is that it comes from sheep raised in organic matter, in soil that has never been used for agricultural purposes in which case the sheep have not come into contact with pesticides and fertilizers.
Its unique purification process is characterized by the absence of chemicals, dye, bleach or materials which produce toxins, thereby maintaining its natural content of lanolin.










The use of cotton by mankind is dating from 3000 B.C.
Its excellent smoothness, unsurpassed durability and natural breathing, made cotton the most widely used natural fiber in the current world.
You will find it in all of the sleep products of TAILOBED, from the mattress and the top mattress to the pillow and the bed and only in its purest form.













Feather is met in pillows, in top-mattresses and in quilts of TAILORBED.
It is of top quality, certified by the international organization IDFL (International Down and Feather testing Laboratory) and comes from the neck and the feathers of ducks.
It presents exquisite insulating behavior, due to its natural breathing. Thus, it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Its main feature though is the unparalleled comfort and pleasure that offers.












yfasmataThe fully cotton, elastic and double knitting, TAILORBED’s fabric which our mattresses are covered, is produced from 100% cotton high quality yarns (≈700gr / m2) certified by “OEKO-TEX Standard 100 category I”, which confirms the absence of harmful chemicals. This special weaving technique that is used, offers a pleasant texture, reducing the tension in the surface layer, thereby adapting more properly to the contours of the body and imparting increased strength in use.
Its special weave allows it to be washed without the risk of shrinkage.
The absence of any synthetic fiber allows its unobstructed breathing, thus reducing moisture and achieving the correct sleeping temperature.

Just think how much more pleasant you feel when wearing a cotton shirt compared to a synthetic.
The construction of the fabric is made in a totally environmental friendly way.  The upholstery fabrics are also 100% natural, from cotton and linen, and offer guaranteed hygiene and durability.





We only use solid pine timber carefully selected for our bed mattresses and headboards which gives remarkable strength and stability.

Pine is selected for its very large tolerance in contractions which are caused by temperature and humidity changes from season to season. So, we can ensure that your new bed mattress, will accompany you for many years.

In furniture, instead of pine, compact oak timber can be used, where it is required by the aesthetics and the combination of the rest of the room’s furnishing.