Sleep is the main provision of a hotel.

TAILORBED, as the company with a wide range of premium quality mattresses, has successfully entered the hotel market.

Except to the natural materials, TAILORBED offers new technology such as ‘nimatostrosi’, visco elastic foam (known as memory foam) and various other types of foams. In this way it expands the range of its mattresses and presents its new series in layers of foamed materials.

TAILORBED's integrated "Hotel Line" proposal also includes top-mattresses, pillow menu, beds, headboards, waterproof cotton covers, amenities and a special proposition that includes the inspired range, amenities for kids.

For you, the tourism professionals, who are always interested in giving the best to your guests, please fill out the form below to receive an email with the TAILORBED Hotel Line in indicative dimensions and prices.

The hotels that trust TAILORBED:

  • They gain significant comparative advantage over competition, providing the perfect sleep
  • Improve their hotel rating
  • Make more bookings from travelers that are interested in sleeping who are usually high-income travelers
  • They are able to be advised by TAILORBED's team of architects and interior decorators/designers for refurbishing their hotel rooms

Trade shows:

  • Expo Hotel 2016
  • Xenia 2017


Contact person:

Stavros Athanasopoulos

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