The headboard certainly dominates the bedroom and affects the aesthetic style of the space.
However, it also has functional offering that we usually overlook. Let us not forget that man does not use the bed only for sleeping, but he passes on it some hours of resting, reading, watching TV, relaxing and discussing with his / her partner. Many also find shelter in their bed when employed by a serious problem and want to concentrate on their thoughts.
In all these cases, the person does not put his body in sleeping posture, but sits up, using the bed as a "daybed". Then, the headboard through the raised pillow “receives” the upper body and supports the shoulders and the head, thus by acquiring a functional significance.
But during bedtime, it has functional relevance for the categories of people who are obliged to sleep with their head elevated due to respiratory or cervical problems. .
The headboards we produce are designed with simple and minimal lines and provide solid support to a raised body.