In “Oasi” bed-mattress, we have incorporated our love for natural materials. It is made from solid pine wood of 12cm height which is known for its large tolerances of the contraction.
It contains 2 layers of rubberized coir of 12cm width for support. Its comfortableness is due to the 2 layers of natural rubber of 6cm width and is completed with the 100% cotton fabric. The height of the main bed, which is 30-31cm, is completed with wooden legs that may be 10cm, 15cm, 20cm and 25cm according to your desire. With a simple combination, it is combined with a top mattress “Hara” and ideally, with a mattress “Pyima” and a top-mattress “Hara” or “Agkalia” (or both in the more luxurious version). “Oasi” offers unique stability, perfect comfort, unsurpassed pleasure and lasting durability.